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Acrylic Nail Extensions Course

Acrylic Nail Extensions Course








Welcome to Serenity Training Academy. If you're looking to start an exciting career within the beauty industry and want to offer this very popular treatment, we can provide you with all the skills you need.


This course is suitable for students who have currently no experience in Acrylic Nail Extensions but must hold either a Manicure, Gel Nail Extensions or Gel polish qualification. It is also suitable for students who wish to refresh or update their lashing abilities. 


The course


This course is designed for those who would like to train in Acrylic Nail Enhancements. This course will help you master the art of nail enhancements with confidence, allowing you to offer your clients a full range of nail treatments.


Learn how to correctly adhere nail tips, prep, apply, maintain and remove Acrylic nail extensions.


The course will run over one full day. Course manuals, Acrylic products and equipment required for the course will be provided upon arrival. During the course you will either work on eachother or a selected model.


Course Contents


Health & Safety

Codes of practice for hygiene in the beauty salon

Sterilisation and Disinfecting

The appearance of the therapist


History of nail extensions 

Nail anatomy

Structure of the Skin

Function of the skin

The muscles of the hand 

The bones of the hand 

The structure of the nail 


Nail diseases 

Nail Disorders 

Equipment for Acrylic nail extensions 

Setting up your work area 

Acrylic extensions nail procedure 

Infill procedure 

Removing nail enhancements 

Aftercare Advice 

Consultation Cards 

Diagram of the skin


Entry Requirement - Manicure, gel polish or acrylic nail qualification
Kit - Available at an additional cost 
Certificate - Serenity Training Academy Accredited Certificate in Acrylic Nail Extensions


Accredited by Associated Beauty Therapists.


Location of training academy


Serenity Beauty Salon & Training Academy 

47 Pendre 





For any additional information regarding our Acrylic nail extensions course please dont hesitate to contact the salon on 01239758214 or email Kimberley directly

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